Ser Andre'

Aspiring Knight and scion of a dying family


Ser Andre’ is the youngest son of his father, a minor lord in the court of Baron Aldred.

His family was once a proud and noble line, rich in gold, land and power. Now his family’s star has waned. A terrible curse stalks this once noble family and its hereditary line is slowly becoming extinct.

Every year a member of this diminishing family dies in a frightful and twisted accident. What is behind this misfortune? Has some evil agency taken to expunging the blood line? Will Ser Andre’ be next.

This aspiring knight must go out into the world and build a name for his family once more. Can he win honour and restore his family name. Perhaps a marriage to another noble house and offspring will protect the bloodline.

First Ser Andre’ must prove himself worthy of the title of Knight and find the cause of his family’s curse.

Perhaps the strange mystic from the north can offer insights from beyond the veil…..or perhaps his friend, the young priest, has wise counsel and answers in The True Faith.

Ser Andre'

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