Kelsier of The Pagan Mountains

A barbarian mystic of The Brotherhood of Winter


Culture: Barbarian
Career: Mystic
Social Class: Freeman

Strength: 12
Constitution: 11
Size: 11
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 16
Power: 16
Charisma: 9


Kelsier has journeyed south from his order’s mountain holdfast in search of a stolen relic.

This promising student of a small, survivalist mystic order has been tasked with tracking down the thief who assassinated the Sage of his order a stole the Tome of Winter, the ancient scripts of this mystic school.

Following a cooling trail of rumours and clues, Kelsier’s journey has halted in Northern Albion where the trail has gone cold.

Falling in with an aspiring knight and a young priest of The True Faith, Kelsier hopes his new companions will lead him to fresh clues and a hope of completing his quest.

Perhaps the priest’s contacts in the great port city of Clyster will yield some new information or the aspiring knight’s family connections to the local lords will provide a clue.

Kelsier of The Pagan Mountains

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