Welcome to the Lands of Legend.

This campaign is based on the Lands of Legend setting from the classic Dragon Warriors RPG by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson. DragonWarriors1.jpg

Legend is a place of warring nobles and mysterious and solitary wizards. The campaign is broadly low magic or more specifically, low sorcery. Theist magic is more prevalent as new religions spread and attempt to supplant the old pagan gods and powers.

The campaign is powered by RuneQuest (6th ed.) by Nash, Whitaker and Friends.

RuneQuest was first published in 1978 by Chaosium Inc. Originally designed by Steve Perrin and Ray Turney, RuneQuest was one of the first roleplaying games that fixed its sights on a more gritty, realistic game system.

39403574.jpgThere are no levels or classes and no ever inflating hit points.

Instead in came a system where anyone could cast magic and where every character could develop along a unique path thanks to the emphasis on skills as the method of improvement.

6th ed aims to recapture the spirit and feel of early RuneQuest whilst streamlining the system and introducing modern mechanics.

The Lands of Legend